Nasdaq Orpheus RMIVG20 was our first validated model listed on Nasdaq. The symbol name is RMIVG20. Mukul was speaking at the Princeton – UChicago quant conference in April 2014 when a co-speaker suggested the Nasdaq listing. By August 2014, it was launched. Building a model and listing it on a top exchange was a historical feat as the model had to compete with the NASDAQ Composite (NQUSB) and other benchmarks to prove its mettle. RMIVG20 is our flagship solution which is now nearing its all-time peak at 100% absolute returns, outperforming its peers like the AI-driven AIEQ. 


Since Alpha is risk-weighted. It is important to understand the risk inherent in the model, owing to its methodology, chosen universe, basket size, turnover, market cycle, starting points and a host of other factors in comparison to the reference benchmarks. All our models including the RMIVG20 go through a comprehensive performance attribution audit over the blockchain. The model goes inside the Zero Knowledge Tunnel and convinces the referee about the capability behind its claim. The more the queries better it gets in proving its risk-weighted quality. 


Considering AlphaBlock is in the business of democratizing Alpha we have opened the RMIVG20 solution to the world. If you are an investor, asset manager, advisor keen to invest in RMIVG20 we are here to show you how.