is what your portfolio delivers above the market, net of costs. For the 100 investors who understand alpha is risk-weighted, 10 investors know machines are getting smarter and 1 investor is aware of zero management fee because no alpha means, no fee. Alpha is a measurable, enhanceable and understandable intelligence which should engender comfort, not anxiety, should be risk-reducing not risk increasing, should be flexible, not rigid, should be secure not transparent, should nurture trust not breach it, should be systematic not discretionary and it should be indifferent about extracting and offering intelligence, be it your portfolio of stocks or your portfolio of questions.  


Before you use Intelligence, you need to understand, compare, query, analyze, what it does, how it does and maybe wonder why it does, what it does. All this questioning can happen in a secure trusting environment where the intelligence is secure but still queryable. This is alpha validation, a zero-knowledge process to verify a claim, a reference, an algorithm, every element of the value chain, relegating fake information to the annals of the former world.


Intelligence is for the investor, for a sports analyst, for a beverage company executive, for a social change agent, for a policymaker, etc. Data is what connects us all despite our industries. One may not be able to reconcile sub-atomic data with stock market data as they vibrate at different frequencies but the universal laws driving social and natural data sets are the same. Intelligent models should work across regions, across assets, across industries. This is how algorithms can be revalidated by applying them to different industry data sets, to build a cybersecurity bot, a weather bot, a sports bot, intelligent agents which assimilate knowledge, learn and share.