About AlphaBlock


Nature thrives on the failure of the second law of thermodynamics and the breakdown of many other laws. Causality always converges to Chaos. Intelligence, it seems, conceals and propagates inside error. Error, noise, fluctuation, turbulence can be generalized and optimized by temporal bounds, giving intelligence a true dynamic range which is measurable, enhanceable and arbitragable. Such an approach can define intelligence by illustrating how Nature might be extracting order from disorder, relentlessly.

PV = f(s,w,d)

AlphaBots are coming…

When machines start simulating nature, bots will acquire intelligence and engage in predictive Systematic, Scientific, Replicable (SSR) processes which will work inter and intra industries, seamlessly, distributing reward, maintaining accounts, and fractionalizing. We have developed a new Intelligent Smart Contract technology which keeps the data secure, dynamic, valuable, reusable – and hence, intelligent.


As intelligence moves from arbitrary and erratic patterns of human discretionary knowledge-building toward a more systematic and organic AI, there is a need for a new market mechanism to validate, distribute, and reward intelligent processes. Such an intelligent market is built on an objective and accountable process which can be validated and used by the community. This intelligence or “alpha” should be content-agnostic and context-focused – an alpha process reconfiguring the block of the blockchain into ‘AlphaBlock’, an intelligent market mechanism. Alpha prediction has conventionally been associated with industry-specific content. Our intelligent process can be fused into the blockchain block, transforming the blockchain into a multi-purpose predictive tool which self-builds, self-protects, and self-validates. AlphaBlock becomes the essence of everything linked with data predictability, evolving into an intelligence layer on the blockchain and the web. It is a predictive ecosystem which blurs the distinction between financial and non-financial data – ultimately removing barriers between financial and services markets.