What is blockchain?

The innovation of the blockchain is transformational. It is far more than simply a secure digital process of transactions. It is a network of decentralized applications, an architecture with inherent trust built in its protocol that allows the community to interact without concern for the trustworthiness of participating members or a need for institutionalized control.

Smart Contract

What is a smart contract?

The smart contract aspires to be the transactional foundation for the blockchain. In its current avatar it is a computer protocol that digitally enforces agreement between contracting parties. The idea that a contract needs a mental clarity between parties before getting into the agreement is the discretionary challenge which the blockchain needs to overcome.


What is Alphablock?

Alphablock is an AI company with a vision to build cross domain applications. In the financial domain, the company’s AI framework has proven to deliver AI processes capable of generalizing the portfolio construction process and hence deliver higher risk adjusted returns than would be obtained from the original portfolio. The company has also developed a blockchain solution capable of embedding any AI process inside a smart contract. By embedding an AI process in a blockchain it becomes immutable and as such the outcome of any decisions made by the AI process require no external verification of its validity. Third party validation or (alpha generating) attribution is usually required for performance claims in the financial services industry.