While the world seems to have a solution for every problem, an app for everything, one simple problem about bubbles and crisis bothers no one. How to make bubbles less bubbly and crisis less severe? How to build more stable economic systems? How to reduce risk in our day to day life? How not to let money destroy our cultural fabric? We are so busy counting our crypto and/or our fiat wealth, it does not bother us whether the wealth we count is here today or gone tomorrow. We write stories about how Google sentiment drives bitcoin prices or vice versa, unaware of the fact that a few decades ago we were wondering whether the sunspots used to lead the economic cycle or vice versa. The fragmented nature of our research and markets and focus on causality is the reason we are happy betting on alpha as alphabet rules the world and not focus on alphabots that could allow self destruction for the general good, as they generate alpha, solutions to meaningful predictive problems competing intensely lest they are overwhelmed by a competing better alphabot. A war of alphabots.

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